Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay
An Independent Waldorf High School For Grades 9-12

School Guidance and Post-Secondary Planning

The goal of the Waldorf High School guidance department is to support students in a variety of ways so they have a successful school experience.  Our central aim is to build intellectual and problem-solving capacities in teenagers through discussion and dialogue.  WHS students thrive in this environment because they are supported, known and valued.  The guidance counselor provides support in the following ways:

Academic Support Services - The guidance counselor oversees the Academic Support Program which provides tutoring support to students in a small group setting. Skills in: math, reading, writing and organization are typical topics that are addressed based on each qualifying students’ individual needs. 

Coordination - The school counselor coordinates guidance services at WHS.  Some examples of these guidance services include standardized testing (i.e. PSAT), record maintenance and special parent/student events such as: Future Planning Night and Financial Aid Night. 

Counseling - The counselor’s goal is to form a trusting relationship that allows students to explore their feelings and make appropriate decisions.  There are several types of counseling provided: personal, social, academic, and vocational/career.  The school counselor addresses these areas through individual counseling, small group counseling, or large group guidance.  

College/Post-Secondary Planning - Each student receives individual guidance in the post-secondary planning process.  The student is guided in a way that deepens and clarifies his or her sense of identity, interests and what he/she wishes to do after high school. Support is provided for the college application process as well as other venues and gap-year programs. WHS uses Naviance Family Connection for all college admissions preparations. 

The strengths of Waldorf High School are many. One is the acceptance of all students and the welcoming, nonjudgmental atmosphere. Another is capturing the interest of students; it is real experiential learning.
Waldorf High School Parent
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