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In today’s world, it is common to find that all of us are spending less and less time outside and have limited exposure to nature. The farming and wilderness program at Waldorf High School allows students to experience the natural world in a new way. Through growing and harvesting, food distributions, learning wilderness survival skills and truly observing the outdoors, our hope is that students will begin to understand more fully their connection to the environment and use it to benefit their lives and the lives of others in a powerful way.
In collaboration with Codman Community Farms, our students have continued access to a working farm, hands-on experiences, and community service while developing a deeper connection and understanding of the stewardship needed for the complex issues of conserving our environment, and providing equitable food-production and distribution.  The program gives our students the unique opportunity to give back to their community and to those in need through distribution of the food they have grown. The land at the Farm is also available for our other classes to use for science, nature studies, journaling and more. Learn more about the outstanding efforts of Codman Community Farms at www.codmancommunityfarms.org

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